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Child Photographer

6 month old sitting in bed prop and looking up
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Brooklyn Photographer | Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer 6 month milestone pictures are always so amazing. Today am going to share adorable little Keyanah’s 6 month milestone pictures with you. I actually photographed her newborn session but didn’t get a chance to blog it. Here is one of my favorites from her newborn session in […]

6 Month Milestone Pictures | Brooklyn Child Portrait Photographer

Child Photographer, Children

family photo with 4 people one sitting and three standing
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Family Photography | Brooklyn Portrait Photographer I had the opportunity to this extended family photo session requested by one of the daughters and her mother. I was a little worried about fitting 8 people in my space and backdrop but somehow, I was able to make it happen. As a Brooklyn portrait photographer with a […]

Brooklyn Portrait Photographer | Family Photo Session | Findlay Family

Child Photographer, Children, Family, Family Photographer, Photography

Baby smashing cake
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Brooklyn Photographer | Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer | Cake Smash Session Another cake smash session and this time with the lovely little Nayomi. We did her cake smash session just a few weeks before she turned one so that we can have the photos in time for her birthday party. I couldn’t believe how […]

Cake Smash Session | Brooklyn Child Portrait Photographer

Child Photographer, Children, Photography

Siblings sitting on bench
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Brooklyn Family Photography Session Information This type of session is for your immediate family only up to 6 people. Your Brooklyn family photography session can be done at an outdoor location like prospect park, in my home studio or even in your home as a lifestyle session. When should you book your Brooklyn family photos? […]

Brooklyn Family Photography Booking Information

Child Photographer, Children, Family, Family Photographer

Black and white photo of a child
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Brooklyn Photographer | Brooklyn, New York Child Photographer It’s Caison again this time for his 3 year session. At 3 years old he is so smart, and I was so impressed with how he was able to get through so many poses during his Brooklyn Child Photography Session. He is a real busy guy and […]

Brooklyn Child Photography Session | Caison 3 year

Child Photographer, Children, Photography

Baby sitting on floor eating cake during cake smash session
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Brooklyn Cake Smash Session: Bright Eyes Estelinah’s mom and I decided to stick with a simple classic setup which is more what I usually do for every Brooklyn cake smash session. Estelinah actually ended up coming in for a two-part session – Family Photos and her one-year cake smash session so it was a long […]

Brooklyn Cake Smash Session I Estelinah

Child Photographer, Children

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