Capturing the Journey: A Milestone Photography Timeline for Your Child

Brooklyn baby girl laying on tummy on prop bed

Watching your child grow is one of the most enchanting parts of parenthood. It’s a journey filled with countless milestones and magical moments. Capturing these special stages through photography can provide a cherished timeline of your child’s growth. In this blog, we’ll guide you through when and how to best capture these unforgettable milestones, from newborn to their first birthday and beyond.

Newborn Stage (first two weeks)

This is the perfect time to capture your baby’s first days of life when they still are in that beautiful newborn phase. Consider booking a newborn session during the first two weeks after birth while your baby falls naturally into the fetal position they took up in the womb. These photos typically feature peaceful, sleeping babies curled in cozy wraps or delicately posed to highlight their newborn features.  You can learn more about Newborn sessions and how to book here.

Newborn baby wrapped in purple wrap sleeping in a bowl prop. The prop is on a beautiful floral backdrop.
Newborn baby girl with pink floral headband holding a teddy bear.
Newborn baby girl wearing a white floral headband in bucket pose.

Three Months

At around three months, your baby starts to develop a distinct personality. This is a great time to document their wide-eyed curiosity, tiny smiles, and the way they begin to hold their head up. A milestone photography session at this stage will capture your little one’s burgeoning personality and development.

3 month old baby girl asleep in a bed prop.
3 month old baby girl wearing a cute peach floral outfit with headband. She is sitting in a basket.
Baby girl laying on a fur rug kicking and smiling.

Six – Eight Months

Half a year is a significant milestone that’s filled with exciting changes. Most babies at this age are starting to sit up, giving you a chance to capture some adorable sitting poses. Some babies might be crawling – this stage is full of adventure and discovery.  Their interactions and expressions at this age are priceless, offering perfect photo opportunities from a different perspective. Take a look here to learn more about scheduling your little ones six month session.

6 month old baby girl wearing a 1/2 year crown and looking at the camera.
Baby girl looking up and holding onto the side of bowl prop.
6 month Baby girl wearing a pink tutu dress in Brooklyn, NY Studio session

First Birthday

A first birthday photoshoot is a fantastic way to celebrate this massive milestone. Consider a cake smash or a themed photoshoot. You’ll cherish these images of your one-year-old’s excitement, messy cake-filled hands, and their adorable, toothy grin. 

One year old baby girl cake smash session. Sitting on a curved bench
One year old baby girl photo session standing on a little chair.
1 year old baby girl eating cake, she has her tongue out.

Beyond the First Year

After the first year, annual photoshoots are a great way to document your child’s growth. As they blossom into their unique selves, these sessions can capture their developing interests, interactions, and the changes in their appearance.  As siblings appear, these annual sessions really are a beautiful record of your growing family.

Keep in mind that these timelines are only suggestions; every child develops at their own pace. The key is to capture the essence of your child at each stage, making these photos priceless mementos of their childhood. Remember, we’re not just taking photos; we’re telling the story of your child’s journey, one milestone at a time.

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