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6 month old sitting in bed prop and looking up

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6 month milestone pictures are always so amazing. Today am going to share adorable little Keyanah’s 6 month milestone pictures with you. I actually photographed her newborn session but didn’t get a chance to blog it. Here is one of my favorites from her newborn session in the same bed prop I used in her 6 month session. You will also notice the little milestone marker. I love these little things and have them for newborn (I’m here), 6 month and 1 year.

newborn in wooden bed prop with one leg of bed6 month milestone pictures sitting posed in bed prop

Can you believe how big this little lady has gotten since then? I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing things clearly! She was rolling around, trying to crawl away, holding things and totally smiling at everything. It’s amazing how fast they grow!

6 month milestone pictures 6 month old wearing tutu outfit with flowers looking up 6 month old sitting on floor looking up6 month old in studio sitting on bench smiling

For baby Keyanah’s 6 month milestone pictures I wanted to try out putting a 6 month old in a bucket prop. This one from Hello Little Props was the perfect size and she fit in there so easily with no fuss and kept on smiling. I was so excited to be able to use the prop and loved how the pictures turned out. I’ll definitely be using this one in future 6 month milestone pictures. I have quite a few more different covers for the bucket coming in so will have something to match the set or outfit.

6 month old in bucket prop

Totally Styled

Keyanah’s mom also brought in some props for a special setup she wanted to do for her 6 month milestone pictures. It was for makeup scene and Keyanah totally killed it.

makeup setup on floor with 6 month old in the middle baby with towel on head laying on rug with makeup items 6 month old holding and looking at tiny mirror 6 month milestone pictures baby in towel on rug with makeup

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