Brooklyn Family Photography Booking Information

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Brooklyn Family Photography Session Information

This type of session is for your immediate family only up to 6 people. Your Brooklyn family photography session can be done at an outdoor location like prospect park, in my home studio or even in your home as a lifestyle session.

When should you book your Brooklyn family photos?

For your outdoor Brooklyn family photography photos the best time is late Spring and early Fall. The weather is usually nice and mild. It’s not too hot that everyone is sweaty and miserable. During these dates most locations aren’t as crowded as in the summer. If you need to book in the summer that is totally fine as well just be sure you bring lots of water with you and wear light breathable clothing. Brooklyn family photography sessions take place outdoors about 1 ½ to 2 hrs before sunset and usually last about an hour to about 1h 1/2 if we move around to other locations in the park. Another great option is a studio session which is a great option for the winter and hot summer days or just when you want a totally different look for your Brooklyn family photography session. I recommend scheduling your Brooklyn family photography session at least a month in advance so you have time to plan and purchase your family outfits, choose your location and get the kids mentally ready.

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What should you wear for your Brooklyn family photos?

You have finally gotten the session booked, and the location picked out. But what in the world are you and your family going to wear? I love it when my clients ask me for an opinion or tips. It can be a struggle to figure out outfits with your family that are appealing.

Begin with choosing a color palette, not matching colors. Set the outfit choices based on this color scheme. It doesn’t have to be difficult – light or dark, choose a broad theme, and go from there. This will ensure each family member retains their unique style while looking good as a unit. The point is for your family to fit together and not stick out in a bad way in a photograph. Not every color fits or works for every person! Just relax, and above all else, be comfortable. The emotion in your photos is essential to everyone looking right.

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Preparing For A Family Session

Your big day is about to arrive, and that means you are probably stressing out about how to prepare for your family photoshoot. Here are some helpful tips to prepare you:

  • Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration helps with glowing skin and prevents dehydration.
  • Avoid patterns in clothes. It becomes way too confusing and a little wonky. Do, however, keep a simple color palette or within the same range. Bring 2-3 outfits with you!
  • Consider nap time times and schedule those accordingly. A fresh nap means happy kids!
  • If it’s an outdoor session, consider using sunscreen on the kids before the photoshoot. You don’t want to risk them being burnt!
  • Iron clothes the night before. Make sure they are free of stains and wrinkles.
  • Go to bed early the night before. You will need a good night’s rest to have you feeling energized the next day!
  • Above all else, relax and have fun. It is time to breathe a sigh of relief and having a great family outing! Have peace of mind knowing you hired a professional and are in good hands.

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6 Ways to Pump Up Your Kids For A Brooklyn Family Photography Session!

Photographing families is always a unique experience, given the fact each family is entirely different! Parents are typically cooperative, but the kids, on the other hand, well, that can be another story. Today, I am sharing fun and fool-proof ways to entertain your children and get them excited about your upcoming Brooklyn family photography session!

  1. Let them choose their outfits! Sure, go ahead and give them a few to select from for obvious reasons. This allows them to have the freedom to pick what they want to wear. Ta-da! Watch how proud they are come session day.
  2. Set an award following your session. Tell them afterward, that you will all go to the movie theater to see a new movie out and grab some popcorn and drinks!
  3. Simply talk about it. Make it a privilege, not a hassle. If you amp them up and let them know how exciting these photo sessions are, they will show up more excited and ready to go!
  4. Show them other family sessions. This could be famous people they see in their favorite shows or movies. They will want to follow in these footsteps!
  5. Maybe they are caught up in the social media world. Let them know you plan on posting these to Facebook or Instagram and have them check how many ‘likes’ they receive!
  6. As a parent, ultimately, your attitude will carry over to your kids. Just show up smiling, happy, and ready to go. I am sure they will follow suit.

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What To Bring To A Family Session

If you are stumped on what to bring with you to your Brooklyn2 family photography session, do not stress! These are meant to be fun, and you get to spend quality time with your family. Thankfully, I am here to help!

  • Bring the snacks. In all seriousness, children will become fidgety and restless. A few tasty treats are jellybeans, cheese and crackers, Goldfish, dried fruit, and gummy bears. Do not bring messy foods such as chocolate or ice cream!
  • Have a few outfits to bring. You never know when someone will fall in the mud or grass and create a bad stain.
  • Bring a few props! And these props can include bubbles to blow, a soccer ball, or sparklers. Have some fun!
  • Bring a small blanket. If you want a few shots lying on the ground, this is a cute surface, and allows a barrier of protection from the dirt.
  • If you have pets, see if the photographer will allow you to bring them! What better way to include the whole entire family?

As a photographer, it is my job to help you with your session; if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Together we will create delightful memories that you will have for a lifetime.

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Where should I have my next family session?

There are several locations to choose from! Family photographs are timeless, and if you are searching to update your current portraits or take some for the first time, I have a few places in mind:

  • Shoreline: Pack up the family and head to the beach. The beach offers beautiful lighting and plenty of space! Your kids will have a blast.
  • Public Parks: Especially in the Autumn months, the fall foliage is a gorgeous backdrop!
  • My in home Studio: Come on in sit back relax and don’t worry about anyone watching that kid meltdown.
  • At home: Take away the stress of going somewhere as a big family. Let me come to you. Stay relaxed and be in your own element.

Children blowing faux snow at camera

Have any other ideas in mind? Let me know! I often look for places that aren’t overdone (if you will). Any unique places you want to go, I am down!

I would love to begin planning your Brooklyn Family Photography session in my home studio. Check out more of my family portrait gallery!

If you are interested in a custom family photography session with Andria Lancaster Photography and would like more information, please click the link to learn more about me and the custom photography session experience.


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