The best time to be there and ready for your Prospect Park Family photography session is about 2 hrs before sunset. This park can be very dense especially during the spring and summer with all the leaves on the trees so it starts to look dark earlier in most areas of the park than in a wide open field. During the weekday evenings is best as well since the park isn’t as crowded like on weekends especially during peak times like memorial weekend, 4th of July, etc. Since this park is so big we will try to go to little pockets of areas with good light to avoid as much people as we can but they may still walk right through your frame. I will do my best to keep them out of the final images.

I am going to share with you some of the locations in Brooklyn prospect park that I have used along with some new areas that I would soon like to explore. I feel like I have walked through most of this park and try to use a different entrance point with each new session but some spots I just love and revisit often.

The Boathouse was built in 1905 and was one of the first buildings in New York city to be declared an historic landmark. It is located right by the lake and across from the Lullwater Bridge. The Boathouse is used for different events such as weddings and other elegant affairs. There are no limits to little pockets of areas around the Boathouse where you can take photos. The steps, patio area, overlooking the Lullwater, front/back or sides of the building and even the pillars at the top of the steps. The Lullwater Bridge is a great scenic place for amazing family portraits as well.

This is also known as the Grecian Shelter, this neoclassical structure on the southern end of the park was designed in 1905 by legendary architect Stanford White. It looks like architecture from ancient Greece with full pillars all around the stone structure. So many possibilities for your Brooklyn Prospect Park Family Photography sessions.

Just a short walk from the Lullwater bridge you will come across the meadow. This area is a wide-open space which many use for picnics and games. It’s a great area to just come spread out a blanket and relax. You will find winding paths throughout and a vast area of greenery.

Brooklyn Prospect Park Family Photography sessions can also be an adventure through the parks different scenic hiking trails. One such hiking trail even takes you through the oldest trees and forest in Brooklyn.

If you are looking for a scenic water area for your Brooklyn Prospect Park Family photography session then we can head over to the prospect park lake. The lake is about 55 acres large so there is quite a bit of open areas away from huge trees where you can see the lake clearly and which make for beautiful sunset family photos.

There are various arches under walkways and bridges throughout the different areas of the park. Some are as old as the park itself. Arches create great background for your family photos as they can be used in a variety of ways. 

This is just a small list of locations for your Brooklyn Prospect Park Family Photography sessions. Exploring the park is a great way to find new areas for some fun family photos. Brooklyn Prospect Park has a lot to offer for your next family photo session. You can find all these locations and many more on the Prospect Park Map.

I used to live very close to prospect park and would go there exploring often to find new locations for my Prospect Park Family photography sessions. Since I moved a little further away, I haven’t been back to add more to my list.  As I find more locations I will continue to add to this list. At this moment many of the outdoor sessions you see in my maternity session and children/family galleries were taken at Prospect Park.

prospect park family photography


One of my favorite places for Family photography is at Brooklyn Prospect Park. It is my go-to place because it is the biggest public park right in the heart of Brooklyn. Very easy to get to by bus, train, or car. It’s everyone’s favorite place for those summer barbecues, walks, picnics and just some place to go and relax and enjoy nature. “Prospect Park is over 585 acres of meadows, waterways and woodlands. Prospect Park is home to Brooklyn’s only lake and last remaining forest and is an important wildlife habitat that supports more than 250 species of birds and fauna.” Prospect Park family photography sessions are bound to each be unique in their own way since there are so many different locations within the park.

Brooklyn Prospect Park is the ideal place for all types of photography sessions, maternity, children’s milestones, and family photo sessions. The best part is you do not need a permit for regular photography sessions in Prospect Park. Now if you are having a wedding there that’s where you will need a permit. Visit Prospect Park Alliance for more information on park hours, permits, rules & safety, park map and much more.

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The Boathouse at Prospect Park

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