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Brooklyn Newborn photography sessions are best done around 5-15 days old. This is usually when they are the most sleepy and curly. So, it is best to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant. You can contact me up to four months in advance to schedule your newborn photography session. This is to ensure you are on the schedule when your baby arrives.

Not to worry if you are seeing this and your baby is already here and may be older than 15 days. We can still do a newborn style session even if your baby is older than two weeks and not as curly or likes having their clothes changed. We can still capture some beautiful images of them. I like to call these older newborn sessions.

You can expect your Brooklyn newborn photography session to be anywhere from 2-4 hours. It all depends on how your baby feels on the day of their session. I try to keep the place warm and keep some soothing sounds on like the baby shusher.

I have blankets, backgrounds, wraps and various wooden props. Feel free to let me know if there are any family heirloom or other props /accessories you might want to incorporate into the session..




I also stock a variety of outfits for both boys and girls. For girl I have headbands that match or coordinate to the backdrops, wraps and outfits as well. Hats/bonnets are also available for both boys and girls. However, I don’t get carried away with clothing since all the outfit changes wake a sleeping baby so I may do one outfit at a session. I like to photograph newborns in their bare skin, using my wraps to cover them up. If you do have a special outfit you want to use, we can try to work it in at some point during their session.

Since your baby will be without clothes most of the time (I try to keep the diaper on for the majority of the poses), please know that your baby may pee/poop on my props. Don’t stress over this. It is not an issue as all of my props and blankets are sanitized after each session. Also, I will be keeping the house warm. Newborn babies like to be warm, and especially in colder weather, they will be unhappy when naked unless the area is warm.

It all depends on baby. Ideally, we want baby in a deep sleep for their model debut. Please plan on keeping your baby up and stimulated for at least an hour before arrival and/or until am ready to begin shooting. It may seem difficult, especially if they are sleepy – but it will make the session go a lot smoother if the baby is exhausted by the time I’m ready to photograph him/her. If baby is fussy and seems uncooperative, don’t stress out – they pick up on your emotions. We will just sit, talk, walk, rock and whatever it takes until things are just right. Babies can smell their mothers, especially if you are nursing. It may be best to not be overly hands-on with your baby during the shoot.

As a mom, safety is my number one priority. I make sure I wash my hands before handling your brand-new bundle of joy and sometimes you will see me wearing gloves if my hands are cold. I am trained to safely pose and photograph your precious newborn baby so you can sit back and relax throughout the session. I will enlist your help to achieve some poses so that your baby is safe at all times.



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A Brooklyn Newborn Photography session fee is $250

  • Planning and design consultation 
  • Use of props
  • Your custom photo session 
  • An ordering appointment. 

***This session fee DOES NOT include any prints or digital images.

Products begin at $150 
Collections begin at $590



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