Guide to planning a Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session

Did you know that Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to have your maternity photos taken? With a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, lower Manhattan skyline, waterfront and so much more there is just endless possibilities here. The Bridge being the most familiar landmark that everyone recognizes. I am excited to share with you everything you need to know about planning a Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session.

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What time of day to take Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Photos?

Before I move onto all the great little areas in Brooklyn Bridge for your session let’s look at when is the best time to take Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Photos. This one of the most popular tourist areas in Brooklyn along with it being a favorite hangout for families so it can get really crowded throughout the day. I know for many of you having a lot of people walking through your photos is not very attractive. Therefore, I recommend a sunrise shoot. This time of day is much quieter for this area.

Yes, I know it is early, but the lighting would be amazing, warm, and soft. It will be nice and cool during the summer months and maybe a little colder in the winter, but you can just dress warm for that.

There will be a lot less foot traffic. You will be able to relax and enjoy your session. Your session will go a lot faster as well because we won’t have to wait for people to move out of the way or changing areas because there are just too many people. There will be fewer distractions for you as well as any children you bring along. You will be able to hear my directions for poses and overall will make things easier for composing the shots.

How to get to your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session?

There are many options of where to shoot and access Brooklyn Bridge Park for your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session. We will first narrow down where we will begin your session during your consultation that will help us determine which part of the park we will meet up. Depending on where you are coming from you may have to go over the bridge to get to the Brooklyn side. You can drive in and find a parking space nearby, take a cab or take public transportation..

Locations for your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Portraits


Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel is a beautiful wooden carousel built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The carousel was restored and donated to the park by Jane and David Walentas. It is housed in a glass pavilion, which makes for the prettiest backdrop for your Brooklyn Maternity photos. Right outside of the glass enclosed carousel are some stairs that can also be used in your photos.

Fulton Ferry Landing – Pier A

At the foot of Old Fulton Street is the Fulton Ferry Landing one of Brooklyn’s most historic sites as it marks the location of the first ferry service between Brooklyn and Manhattan in 1642. This area offers some spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Harbor and the Lower Manhattan skyline. So much backdrop views to include in your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session.


Just a few minutes’ walk from the carousel you will find dumbo a little neighborhood that is just between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. There is a brick wall area there that is lovely with colors and textures that provide a beautiful setting for photos.

Empire Stores

Just across from the carousel you will find the Empire Stores. It is in the northern section of Brooklyn Bridge Park and a park of Dumbo. This warehouse was built in 1868 and 1885. The building was used to store goods like sugar, molasses, wool, rubber, and coffee. Empire stores was restored into a modern-day office space with shops and restaurants. The red brick walls and beautifully designed windows remain making for a beautiful backdrop for your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session.

Final Tips for your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session

All of these places are just a short walk from each other so you will be able to get a variety of images during your session. Bring along comfortable shoes to walk between locations if you plan to wear heels for your photos. If you plan on doing an outfit change just let me know and I will bring along a changing tent as we may not be around a restroom when you need it. With so many little location options to choose from you can be sure that your Brooklyn Bridge Park Maternity Session will be amazing.