Anticipating Your September Star: How To Book A Brooklyn Newborn Portrait Session?

Newborn bucket prop with baby boy sleeping soundly with his head laying peacefully on his arms.

As a professional portrait photographer, I’ve had the immense joy of capturing some of life’s most precious moments, and none are quite as magical as the arrival of a newborn. Did you know that September is one of the highest birth-rate months of the year? If you are currently in your third trimester and expecting your little one in September, it’s time to think about booking your Brooklyn newborn portrait session.

Newborn photography pose of a baby boy laying on tummy curled up with arm under head facing camera on a newborn prop bed.

Why Book a Brooklyn Newborn Portrait Session?

The newborn phase is fleeting, with babies changing and growing each day. Newborn photography allows you to capture those first few weeks of life, preserving the tiny details – those little fingers and toes, the soft curl of their hair, the peaceful moments of sleep, and the first attempts at wide-eyed curiosity.  You don’t really know how precious this time is until many months later.  I meet so many parents who tell me they wished they’d had a Brooklyn newborn portrait session done.

Newborn prop basket with baby boy wrapped in gray fabric and laying in the basket sleeping.
Newborn boy wrapped in white fabric with a white head sleepy cap laying in a bed prop with head facing camera and his little fingers peaking out.

Booking Early: Secure Your September Slot

Given the high birth rate in September, I experience a surge in demand for newborn sessions. To ensure you secure a slot, it’s essential to book early, ideally before your baby arrives. It’s one less thing to worry about in those busy first weeks of parenthood.  You can contact me to check if I have availability around your due date.

Black and white image of baby boy looking at camera with his big beautiful eyes.

How to Book Your Session?

  1. Contact the Studio: Get in touch with me via email or phone. I’ll guide you through the process, answer any questions you might have, and help you secure a tentative slot based on your due date.
  2. Before the Session: We’ll have a detailed conversation about your preferences – colors, poses, props, or any specific concepts you want to incorporate. If you wish to be included in the portraits or include other family members, we’ll discuss outfit choices and make sure everything is customized for you.  September allows us to use so many beautiful autumnal colors and props – you can see more of those in my galleries.
  3. Flexibility: We understand that babies operate on their own schedule. If your baby arrives earlier or later than expected, we will adjust your booking accordingly.
  4. The Session: Our goal is to create a calm, soothing environment for your baby. I work at your baby’s pace, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing, and comforting. Newborn safety and comfort are my top priorities.
  5. After the Session: Once the session is over, I will work on perfecting your images. Then, we’ll arrange a viewing for you to select your favorite images. These can be turned into a variety of beautiful products such as prints, wall art, photo books, or a digital album.
Little baby boy wrapped up in black fabric with toes and hands out. There is a backstop with stars and a moon prop pillow that baby is laying on.

With all the anticipation and excitement of your approaching due date, it’s easy to overlook planning for a Brooklyn newborn portrait session. But remember, those first few weeks will pass in a blur, and there’s a unique magic in those early days that’s worth capturing. So, get ahead of the September rush and secure your Brooklyn newborn portrait session today. Let’s freeze those precious moments, creating a timeless keepsake that you and your family will cherish forever.

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