Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn Session: Part 1

Newborn laying on back with hands to the side wearing green pants

Learn from an expert with tips for preparing for your newborn session

This is going to be a new and exciting time in your life. You’re getting ready for this adorable, precious little one and I know you can’t wait to document his or her first memories in photographs. Here at Andria Lancaster Photography, I want to make this a joyous experience for you and your family. To help you out with the whole process, I put together this helpful guide with some tips for preparing for your newborn session to help put you at ease. I know how nerve-racking picture day can be, especially when you’re running on little, to no, sleep.

Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn Session: What to Bring

• Diaper bag packed normally but add in a few extra diapers, for some reason they go through a lot of them during the session.
• If you bottle feed be sure to bring extra bottles and formula. That is another thing they do a lot during the session eat!
• Pacifier if your baby takes one. I keep some Jolly Pop in stock just in case you forget.
If they do not take one or you chose not to use them that is totally ok, I will use other methods of soothing to get through the session.
• If you have something sentimental that you would like your baby photographed in, please let me know and I will do my best to incorporate it into your newborn session.
• You do not need to buy any outfits or other items for the session everything will be provided. I will go through and choose your colors and even a couple outfit choices during your planning consultation.

Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn Session: What to Wear

I try to do the family/sibling photos first in the session so that everyone is clean and ready to go. Please try to bring an extra piece of clothing just in case of any accidents.
I recommend simple & neutral clothing colors so that the focus of the photos is on baby and your bond.
For example, white, cream, taupe or brown top/dress and either dark jeans or neutral color bottom.

I also suggest that you wear or bring a black shirt in case I need to photograph parts of you with your child on the backdrop (for example, just your hands holding the baby or to help a sibling with holding baby) so you don’t stand out. For mommy, I suggest keeping jewelry to a minimum, as babies like to grab hold of these items.

If you liked these tips for preparing for your newborn photography session, be sure to come back soon for part 2: Tricks for Keeping your newborn happy during your session. In the meantime, contact me today to set up your own newborn photography session!

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